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The core of the Smart City team centers around a group of developers, data scientists and business consultants experienced in the coveted fields of big data and geospatial analysis. The unit was formed in joint venture with Amberg Loglay AG, a company well known for their expertise in logistics management and planning.

With our combined expertise, we build application suites that allow organizations to visualize their current logistics flow, as well as plan and manage project operations. As a part of our services, we create insights and consult further to achieve a more efficient logistics ecosystem.

Our applications are built on our in-house, one-of-a-kind reusable component library, which helps us in developing our solutions in a rapid, inexpensive and adaptable manner. Read more about it here.


Agile Fleet Management

Create, schedule and track movement of your fleet on-the-go from your laptop and other mobile devices.

Comprehensive Visualization

Get a bird’s-eye view of all active shipments in your site on a map. Monitor their whereabouts and status in real-time.

Efficient Communication

Send instructions directly to drivers with a few clicks. Receive updates from drivers instantly in your app and email.


With Logistics Insights Platform, we represent your information geographically. We are offering very simple and quick visualization, with the ability to pick and choose multiple information that may aid you in your planning process. We also offer generic information such as positions of parking lots and hotspots for pedestrian movements which can be coupled with your information to assist you in gathering valuable insights.


Visualize factors that affect your logistics, starting from traffic flow to infrastructural and institutional impacts.


Enhance your logistics planning by having all the factors visualized at the same time and find the loopholes that you would miss otherwise.


Derive meaningful information from your data to aim for a sustainable logistics ecosystem within your organization.


Maintaining compliance for industry certifications of large scale production processes and infrastructure can prove to be challenging. Our auditing and certification platform facilitates audits in order to harmonize standards and assure quality control. We aid organizations by navigating through complex regulations and operations to provide a digital process tailored to the business domain.

Inspection Planning

Plan and execute facility audits with steady collaboration between certified auditors and customers.

Conformity Assurance

Ensure quality control across multiple sites by recording nonconformities and assigning key personnel to administer remedial actions.

Data Collection

Effortlessly collect visuals and data on site using mobile applications designed with customized questionnaires to inspect crucial operations.

Standardized Reporting

Generate reports based on standardized templates to maintain documentation required to attain industry certifications.

Review and Insights

Evaluate performance of fundamental indicators with the aid of interactive charts generated with your goals and business specific logic in mind.

Compliance Management

Administer all local and foreign production facilities from one platform in order to maintain certification status.


CEO Amberg Loglay

Delegate of the Board

Head of Department


Amberg Loglay AG is renowned worldwide for their expertise in the field of logistics framework development and consultancy. The company provides innovative logistics solutions by challenging the norms and adapting to leading edge technologies, which enable them to offer groundbreaking and sustainable solutions to both government and private agencies.

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