SELISE delivers an end-to-end digital platform for the world’s largest independent corporate insurance network of Swiss Life Global Solutions

Zurich, 8.11.2016

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The Swiss Life Group is one of Europe’s leading insurance providers. With its global insurance business headquartered in Luxembourg, the company aimed at connecting its Network partners around the globe digitally. A layer of digital correspondence would make relevant business information accessible from any device, any location and at any given moment.

With a daunting challenge ahead, SELISE and Swiss Life joined forces to work towards a solution that is both effective and efficient. Comprising of business insiders and technology experts from both companies, it took the cross-functional team three months to conjure the first stable release. Gradual improvements and enhancements soon followed, and fast forward a year- the platform was ready to be launched at Swiss Life’s annual Network Partners Conference.

Nils Frowein, CEO of Swiss Life International and Head of Swiss Life Global Solutions talks about the synergy between Swiss Life and SELISE

Nils Frowein, CEO of Swiss Life International and Head of Swiss Life Global Solutions, said,

In today’s fast-changing business environment, we rely on collaborations that are quick, agile and reliable. SELISE brought all this to the table and far more. With their analytic expertise, they were able to consult us in redefining our processes towards becoming a more customer-centric organisation.

Michael Gubser, Senior Business Analyst, Swiss Life Global Solutions

The team crafted the solution over multiple iterations and in close collaboration with the end-users. These user centric iterations included wireframing, prototyping, programming and acceptance testing. It was evident that such a culmination would not be possible without the dynamics exhibited by this particular partnership. Michael Gubser, Senior Business Analyst of Swiss Life Global Solutions, corroborated this by stating, “I have had the immense pleasure of working closely with SELISE and am glad that a venture of this sort has been put into such capable hands.”

The chemistry between SELISE and Swiss Life Global Solutions has been undeniable, and was one of the drivers behind the excellent results. SELISE did not merely play the part of a development partner this time, but has also worked extensively behind the entire process of value addition to the application. Given their footprint in the creative field of software making, the company is confident of establishing a faster and friendlier sales-cycle that reels in more business for Swiss Life and its Network Partners.

The result, currently known as Sales Live, is in principle an insurance network management tool, which has been built on SELISE’s Enterprise Cloud Application Platform, or ECAP in short runs on Swiss Life’s datacentre in Luxembourg.

ECAP is housing many of the microservices that handle common backend challenges of business applications running in the cloud. It comes with a set of built-in functionalities such as user and access management, newsfeed, reporting, and security. The modern framework also comes with a set of common interaction design components. ECAP embraces high security, data protection standards and is inherently fast– features that are appreciated and sought after by multinationals dealing with sensitive data at scale. Since ECAP is a hosting provider independent setup, it could be deployed on the highly secure data center of Swiss Life in Luxembourg.

Aside from the basic features, many of the elements in Sales Live were made specifically for the Network Partners that serve Swiss Life Global Solutions. These features are the first of their kind, building a bridge over sixty of the world’s largest insurance companies. Sales Live has made collaboration and information sharing on complex business cases easier than ever. The portal, which underwent blistering fast development, boasts fascinating features such as a news crawler that searches the world wide web for corporation specific news or an E-mail service that sends and reads case specific messages.

SELISE has added numerous such delighters that make network internal management processes simpler, faster and more productive. With upcoming releases already scheduled, this is only the beginning. Consequent releases will inevitably build and improve upon the current functionalities and integrate additional stakeholders of the insurance network.

About Swiss Life Global Solutions

Relying on decades of global expertise combined with in-depth local know-know, Swiss Life Global Solutions offers a broad range of tailored cross-border insurance solutions for high net worth individuals (Global Private Wealth Solutions) and for international companies (Global Employee Benefits Solutions).

Together with the Swiss Life Network, a leading independent platform for Employee Benefits Solutions with more than 60 local insurers covering over 70 countries, the company strives to reduce complexity by creating the most customer-centric solutions for their clients and partners in a world of constant change.


SELISE was founded by Julian A. Weber and his father Kurt D. Weber (the former Owner of Paninfo AG) in 2010. Headstrong in the purpose of delivering speed, quality and utmost transparency, the in Switzerland headquartered company runs its entire operation from the two propitious South Asian countries that are Bangladesh and Bhutan.

Since inception, SELISE has prided itself on its ability to make unfalteringly consumer centric software. It lives by the philosophy of constant knowledge creation and sharing, something that makes it a valuable contributor to the global tech community. SELISE believes in using a combination of speed and aesthetics to create software and thus staying a step ahead of its contemporaries. Being able to deliver software that is born with the purpose of making lives easier for end consumers is assuredly characteristic of SELISE. This recent launch of Sales Live proves that the company has lived up to its credentials, by providing a solution for Swiss Life that has been specifically tailored for the latter’s strategic needs.

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