Self-Service Portal

Our customer portals offer modern interaction elements and incorporate intuitive workflows that mediate the lengthy and cumbersome backend operations. Whether you’re a customer, partner, or a manager- our portals take away your information management woes.

Portfolio and Promotions Manager

A central database of all of your products, in one place. Our Product Portfolio Manager is built in a generic way, which effectively decouples it from department specific pricing and promotions. We understand the ever changing market forces in telco, and are quick on our feet to make price changes and roll out promotions.

Outbound Sales Manager

Our Outbound Sales Manager allows your Outbound team to make quick-fire sales and close deals. They can manage their sales, update leads and have the flexibility to upsell before closing a deal digitally.

Inbound Sales Solutions

Our Inbound Sales Manager focuses on the needs of your incoming customers and supports your Inbound team in quickly identifying the customers needs, and allowing them to craft a package that is just right.

B2B Online Shop

We understand the complexity of telco products and services. Hence, our B2B Online Shop is not only capable to sell such highly configurable products, but simultaneously capture all the necessary information needed to automate the sales process. On top, it is smart enough to apply promotions based on audience and target groups.

Multistakeholder Project Manager

Onboarding and connecting new sites involve numerous stakeholders. Our project manager modules streamline parallel workflows, and ensures transparency for all personnel involved.

Order Configurator

Bring all of your products to your customers on our digital channels. Our Order Configurator translates customer specific requirements across a plethora of product categories, be it simple internet packages, or more telephony options such as SIP trunk, DDI-blocks, number porting, or device mapping.

Deal Manager: Offer Generator, Document Manager and Digital Signature

Let our Deal Manager take care of all of your formalities. From generating legal offering documents and other support documents to handling direct orders, e-Mail confirmations and e-signatures (via IDNow). On top of all this, any contract relevant documents are stored and archived in one place for easy-access.

Service Bus

We have learned to coexist. Our Telco Service Bus sits between a range of our frontend applications and your backend. It exchanges data from various different API types and ETL processes and is capable to queue data transactions in order to allow for a smooth asynchronous user experience.

Ecosystem Manager: Multisite, Multiparty and Multi-country Manager

Our Ecosystem Manager supports sales of multiple customizable products over multiple entities, parties and location in order to deliver a single solution to one buyer or agent.

Support Collaboration Manager

Our Support Ticketing and Collaboration suite allows users to record Support Questions, Outage Reports or issues within internal systems and have them managed through a custom workflow. It also works as an internal mechanism to raise issues and resolve them in the most efficient manner.

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