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The SELISE Telco division is built around a dedicated core team of developers and domain experts that possess international education and career backgrounds. The Telco division came into existence after SELISE received a bundle of consultation, development and engineering requests from European multinational telecommunications corporations.

Starting with the creation of portals, which is one of our core competencies, we have created a modular technology framework that mainly caters to the need of connecting backend components and legacy systems in an asynchronous way to various business applications.

Digital Sales

B2B Online Shop

Inbound Solutions

Outbound Sales Manager

Self- Service Portal

Digital Delivery

Product and Services Manager

Order Configuration

Pricing and Promotion Manager

Support Collaboration Manager

Multistakeholder Project Manager

Ecosystem Manager

Digital Integration

Your Core Business Applications (CRM, Billing, ERP, SAP, Salesforce etc.)

Telco Service Bus


B2B Online Shop

Sell highly configurable products and apply promotions based on audience and target groups.

Self-Service Portal

Modern interaction elements and intuitive workflows that take away your information management woes.

Outbound Sales Manager

Make quick-fire sales and close deals. Manage your sales, update leads and up-sell before closing a deal digitally.

Inbound Sales Solution

Focus on the needs of your incoming customers. Quickly identify their needs and craft them a package that is just right.


Product & Services Manager

All of your products, in one place. Our Product Portfolio Manager is built in a generic way, which effectively decouples it from department specific pricing and promotions.

Order Configuration Wizard

From simple internet packages to more telephony options – translate customer specific requirements across a plethora of product categories.

Pricing & Promotion Manager

We understand the ever changing market forces in telco, and are quick on our feet to make price changes and roll out promotions.

Support Collaboration Manager

Record Support Questions, Outage Reports or issues within internal systems and have them managed through a custom workflow.

Multistakeholder Project Manager

Onboarding and connecting new sites involve numerous stakeholders. Our project manager modules streamline parallel workflows, and ensures transparency for all personnel involved.

Ecosystem Manager

Support sales of multiple customizable products over multiple entities, parties and location in order to deliver a single solution to one buyer or agent.


Telco Service Bus

Our Telco Service Bus sits between a range of our frontend applications and your backend. It exchanges data from various different API types and ETL processes and is capable to queue data transactions in order to allow for a smooth asynchronous user experience.


Group CEO

VP, Customer Success


Head of Telco

Business Analyst


Liberty Global
Virgin mobile

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