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UPC chooses SELISE telecom platform to power their B2B webshop

September 27, 2020

UPC, a subsidiary of telecommunication giant Liberty Global, is one of the leading telecommunications and media providers in Switzerland. It offers a wide range of products in television, internet, telephone and mobile categories. A modern network consisting of a high proportion of glass fiber allows UPC to provide its customers with superior services.

UPC’s webshop is a comprehensive e-commerce platform through which customers can view, compare, and shop for personalized products (or product packages) offered by UPC. It also has a number of features to better aid customers in their buying journey, and is directly integrated with third-party backend systems like Salesforce.

SELISE has been working on the UPC webshop since June of this year. There has been a complete overhaul in the user interface (UI) of the webshop. The SELISE telecom platform serves as the middleware connecting to various third party systems while ensuring a snappy user experience. The new interface makes shopping experiences and interactions a lot more intuitive and streamlined than before.

UPC has expressed their satisfaction in sustaining a long-term relationship with SELISE. “It has been a pleasure to work with SELISE,” R Peter from UPC Business has said. “They have brilliant engineers who could solve every problem/challenge. Furthermore their customer service and commitment was outstanding. Highly recommended!”

The new webshop, which has been active since 4th September, not only improves the buying experience but also features high end performance and security features. The telecom platform’s product configurator makes the complex CPQ process a breeze. Any change in product logic does not require any developmental effort to adapt to those changes.

SELISE hopes that with its continuous effort in improving the user experience of the end users of UPC business – thus ensuring a sustainable relationship – it can make large strides in the telecommunication industry as a whole.