Sunrise upgrades business support systems with SELISE telecom platform - SELISE

Sunrise upgrades business support systems with SELISE telecom platform

October 16, 2019

SELISE Telcosuite is a comprehensive end-to-end telco solution toolkit for the future-minded telecom providers. The solution components range from CPQ products, fleet management tools to service enhancement tools.

Sunrise is upgrading its Business Support Systems with the three key components for Sales; Offer Maker, Product Configurator and Promotions Manager.

The immediately realizable benefits:

Offer Maker Product Configurator Promotions Manager
Guided offer creation journey that allows sales agents to use the latest product portfolio in creating offers.
Centralized offer repository for greater transparency.
Supports rapid mutations of offers based on customer feedback.
Integration capabilities with both modern and legacy CRMs.
Rapid document generation in any language as the offer configuration is updated.
UI based Product Configurator allows for an always up to date product portfolio for the prospects.
Specification of product components, mandatory & optional billable items, quantity options, and contract durations.
Unserviceable order prevention by specifying product conditions in the UI.
Price management and CRM mapping from UI for streamlined conversion from offer to order.
Creation of discounts and promotions that are available to the users as defined by marketing.
Freely configure all standard discount cases and conditions that are built into the tool.
Discounts can be scheduled to automatically be available and closed on scheduled dates, removing the hassle of manual work in the middle of the holidays.

All of that flexibility and customizability without the need of doing any development work for these changes.

The positive feedback from the end-users clearly shows how the adoption of Telco Suite is bringing efficiency and ease of use in the B2B sales channel, allowing users to focus on what matters most, their customers.