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SELISE School : Shaping up talents, creating resources

January 26, 2015

Perpetual innovation is one of the constants in a dynamic industry such as the software industry. Without continuous knowledge enhancement, a professional in this particular industry is at risk of losing their market value. SELISE feels a strong sense of responsibility to invest as much as possible into keeping its talents updated with the latest technologies. Here is why and how we keep our engineers under constant intellectual challenge.

Why SELISE school?

Traditionally, software companies are heavily dependent on domain specific applications, which, when once built, do not require technological modification for years. At SELISE, however, we are constantly building new products with our partners and clients. Such engagements do not allow for us to stick with one particular technology or trend. Instead, it forces us to to stay constantly up to date with the latest technologies and problem solving practices. Thus, regarding training, teaching and enhancing knowledge throughout the organization, SELISE takes a far more proactive and positive approach than any other software firms.

How the SELISE school works

The SELISE schooling is run in different formats depending on the topics being covered. Primarily, the SELISE school management committee decides on the content; the trending and game changing technologies around the globe are given the utmost priority. Moreover, SELISE employees are also encouraged to propose their own topics that they might believe to be in the best interest of the school. Once a topic is chosen, the format is selected by the committee. Depending on the topic’s complexity and the depth of schooling required, the course structure is developed and a resource person is selected. The resource person may be a SELISE insider or could also be an industry specialist from another company or a university. The course manifests  in the form of a workshop, a seminar or weekly classes. The participants are required to submit homeworks and complete small-scale projects based on the curriculum.

A glimpse on a few of the courses

Design Pattern Returns : Rise of Refactoring

Despite having studied design patterns in school, only a few have the actual experience of using it in real life. Influenced by Refactoring to Patterns by Joshua Kerievsky, this course approached day to day coding problems and showed how simple refactoring can change a code mess into a beautiful pattern. The classes were fully a hand-on experience, where a piece of code was taken and refactored step by step. This was done until a point was reached where it could finally be rediscovered as a pattern. Developers loved the course because they could relate and identify how pattern can change the way they work.

Design Pattern Workshop Poster
Design Pattern Workshop Poster


SELISE invited Rakib Hasan, a prominent Sharepoint Architect, to introduce developers of SELISE with the platform- starting from installing, configuring and taking a deep dive into the development of customized solutions using SharePoint. The course was offered with lots of hands-on and homework, and finished eloquently with a complex full-sized project developed with Sharepoint.

Sharepoint School Poster
Sharepoint School Poster

Super Talent Program

The SELISE Super Talent Program, or STP,  is a unique concept introduced to the software industry in Bangladesh. Seeing how often the tech graduates seem lost, SELISE decided to step up and contribute to the career growth as well as to provide guidance for freshers who are about to enter the industry. The SELISE STP offers a 3 years opportunity to fresh graduates while they would be rotated among projects using different technologies and personally mentored by industry experts. Starting from 2012, SELISE has already recruited more than ten super talents.

How does SELISE school develop their super talents?

While all the super talents are being mentored under the seniors developers in different projects, the SELISE school also plays an invaluable role in their learning. By attending different workshops and schools, the young engineers get first-hand exposure to design patterns, development methodologies, source control and language specific training modules. By participating in groupworks, they are also given the opportunity to team up with all other developers of the company, which inevitably leads to even greater learning.

Courses offered so far

SELISE school has already finished certified programs on these topics –

  • Agile Software Development
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Design Pattern Returns- Rise of refactoring
  • Test Driven Development
  • SharePoint training
  • Close Encounters with AngularJS
  • 35mm (A series of video sessions)
  • CQRS unchained